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Forget Apprentice, Susanne has a wedding to go to

SHE may have been fired by Bill on last night's Apprentice -- but bride-to-be Susanne Short has far more important things to worry about.

Susanne is due to tie the knot with fiance Richard Kerins in 10 days' time -- and the pair will then be jetting off to Dubai for a honeymoon.

Planning her wedding was a piece of cake when compared to her experience on the TV3 show, Susanne said.

"Planning the wedding was easy, the Apprentice wasn't, but I think if you can handle (the latter) and keep your cool, you'd have no problem in any other stressful situation," the Louth native said. "I probably got fired at the right time because I will have a few days to relax before the wedding at least now and I won't be answering questions on honeymoon."

During this week's task on the Apprentice, Susanne felt that alliances and tactics among other contestants appeared to be at work.

The teams were asked to come up with a guerrilla marketing campaign for network provider E-mobile to highlight their new unlimited deals.

They were asked to make a video with the potential to go viral, that would be different to a TV advert.

However, Susanne's team, led by Joanne Sweeney Burke (33), produced a jumbled-up advert which included two people calling their friends as they're about to skydive.

"I felt that we (Susanne and 20-year-old contestant Conor) were hung out to dry.

"We didn't know that the plan had changed, there was no communication and Eugene Heary kept on pushing for his skydiving idea.


"Joanne said I had no passion, but I just don't get stressed, I'm very organised..."

Despite arguments in the boardroom, Susanne, who has just graduated with a first-class degree in business, insists she bears none of her competitors any grudge, and has even invited two contestants to her wedding - Chris Harold (28) and Sandra Murphy (30).

Throughout the series, Chris has been shown in a negative light for being argumentative, but Susanne says he was one of the most genuine people in the competition.

"Chris is like that, he is 90 miles an hour all the time but he is a very honest person, and he's straight on," she insisted.

"He didn't change when he came into the house that's what I like about him."

Susanne's wedding takes place on Friday, November 25, in Roscommon.