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Forceps injury girl (8) gets €198,000

aN eight-year-old girl who was injured in the eye by forceps during her birth has settled her High Court damages action for €198,000.

The court heard that Princess Ibeh has had to wear glasses but will be able to stop doing so shortly.

Princess, of Elm Park, Wilton, Cork, had through her mother, Dzifa Ibeh, sued the HSE as a result of the injuries she sustained during her birth at St Finbarr's Hospital, Cork, on October 18, 2006.

There was, it was claimed, an alleged failure to use the forceps correctly, appropriately and competently.

After birth, the baby had cuts to her head and her right eye was swollen and it was later noticed that her right eye was cloudy.

The claims were denied.

Senior counsel Dr John O'Mahony said Princess will be able to dispense with glasses soon, and she has very good vision with both eyes.

But in the future she would not be able to go for certain careers such as the gardai, though she could become a doctor or a lawyer. She was doing very well at school.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross said the settlement was a very good one.