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Footgolf kicks-off in Dublin ahead of World Cup


NEW CRAZE: Footgolf

NEW CRAZE: Footgolf

NEW CRAZE: Footgolf

A GROWING sport combining golf and football has a new home in Dublin.

Footgolf, in which participants kick a football around a specially adapted golf course, is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Now, an internationally recognised facility has opened at Deer Park Golf Course in Howth.

With the World Cup only weeks away and the summer golf season in full swing, the timing could not have been better.

Three generations of Howth Castle’s Gaisford-St Lawrence family, Christopher (83), Julian (56) and Tomas (19), were on hand to take the first kick.

The rules are similar to golf, with each hole carrying a par.

The aim is to kick a football into the holes in as few shots as possible.

“As we wanted to offer an 18-hole facility, we needed to build more greens. Work on these commenced in the late summer last year,” Julian said.

“These greens and the additional landscaping work necessary to make the course more interesting and challenging are now fully knitted-in and ready for a busy summer,” he said.

The course is affiliated with the Federation for International FootGolf which promotes the sport worldwide.

It is expected it will attract players from abroad.

The federation has assisted with the design and layout.

Footgolf was available from yesterday at Deer Park, seven days a week between 8am and 8pm.

A round takes about an hour and a half to two hours and cost €10 weekdays and €13 at weekend.