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Footage shows paedophile Danny Ward attacked in garda station


A screengrab from the video put up online

A screengrab from the video put up online

A screengrab from the video put up online

A screengrab from the video put up online


A screengrab from the video put up online

This is the moment notorious paedophile Danny Ward was attacked in a garda station in the capital over the weekend.

Ward, who previously served a prison sentence for the rape of a child, was set upon in Dun Laoghaire Garda Station.

A man who has appeared in a video of the incident allegedly punching and kicking the sex offender has been arrested by appointment.

The man, aged in his 20s, presented himself to officers yesterday morning in relation to the attack at the station where the incident took place.

He was interviewed by gardai but not charged. A file on the matter will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

A video posted on social media shows a man confront ing convicted child rapist Ward.

It shows the assailant saying "That's the way the f***ing child was you f***ing scumbag ... you f***ing animal."

He then punches Ward twice on the head and tries to kick him but slips on the tiled floor of the reception area.

Ward can be seen cowering in fear during the incident and lets out a cry as he is punched in the face. It is the second time Ward has been forced to move location as a result of being attacked in public.

He was chased out of accommodation in north Dublin and from Ringsend last month.


He was beaten and chased by a mob in Ringsend after he was identified by teenagers who had seen his picture on a radio show website.

In recent weeks it is believed Ward had been sleeping rough in the Dun Laoghaire area, with several sightings of the rapist including a video which showed him being confronted by a woman as he cycles through the southern suburb.

After being injured in the attack last month Ward is believed to have left a B&B he had been staying in on the south side of the city.

Last October he had to flee another B&B in north Dublin as another mob gathered after he had been identified online.

He has attempted to alter his appearance in recent months to avoid being identified, and is currently sporting his distinctive red beard, while he is rarely seen in in public without wearing a baseball in an attempt to mask his face.