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'Foolish' driver put off the road

A BANNED driver who "foolishly" jumped into his car when he was offered a last-minute catering job has been put off the road for four years.

Joe McDonagh (49) admitted before Tallaght District Court to driving without insurance or a driving licence, as well as driving while already disqualified. The incident took place at College Road, Rathfarnham shortly before 11pm on May 5 last.

Judge James McDonnell fined him €1,250 and banned him from driving for four years.

Skydive scare in Channel 4 show

West End star Ruthie Henshall diced with danger after being blown off course during a daredevil skydiving stunt.

The actress was taking part in a TV challenge -- plummeting 15,000ft -- to be screened during Channel 4's Famous And Fearless show tonight.

But Henshall was caught by a gust of wind which blew her two miles off her target during her solo freefall jump. The star was in tears after landing following the incident.

Ex-CIA officer 'leaked secrets'

A former CIA officer has been charged with disclosing national security secrets after being accused of leaking classified information about Iran to a reporter.

Federal prosecutors charged Jeffrey Sterling (43) with 10 counts related to improperly keeping and disclosing national security information.

The indictment did not say what was leaked but, from the dates and other details, it was clear that the case centred on leaks to New York Times journalist James Risen for his 2006 book, State of War, which revealed details about the CIA's spy war with Iran.

Tourist slipped after acid spill

A hotel visitor was injured and a stretch of the Las Vegas Strip was shut down for more than two hours after caustic acid leaked outside a popular resort.

The visitor slipped and fell in a puddle of sulphuric acid near the front entrance to the Wynn resort after about 200 gallons leaked when a pipe broke during delivery just after 8am local time, county spokeswoman Stacey Welling said.