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Flooding help for families

Independent councillor Anna Quigley has proposed that the Government pay grants to householders in flood-prone areas so they can install protection measures.

The proposal, which was passed unanimously by Dublin City Council, seeks funds for work such as installing flood gates, back-water valves and pumps on drain outlets.

Cllr Quigley said the measures would be cost-cutting in the long run as emergency services would have less call- outs to deal with during heavy rain. She said her plea was based on the human impact much more than the financial implications of flooding:

Council joins tourism push

Dublin City Council is hoping to play a leading role in the capital's promotion now that Dublin Tourism has been taken over by Failte Ireland.

Councillor Nial Ring proposed the motion, based on a report by the Dublin City Business Association which said Ireland was getting the worst value for money from tourism spending.

Ireland spends more than any other country in the EU -- at over €20 per tourist.

Cllr Ring said: "I believe that Dublin City Council and the office of public works can run tourism in this city."

Old Beatles

footage found

Long-lost footage of The Beatles visiting a chip shop as they filmed their surreal road movie Magical Mystery Tour is to be seen for the first time.

The group made a trip to Smedley's chip shop in Roman Road, Taunton, Somerset, with cast and crew as they filmed the scenes in 1967 for a BBC Christmas special.

Only a small section of the footage made it into the final film but now behind-the-scenes shots have been compiled by makers of a new Arena documentary and are being shown online.

First curator at Satchmo home

The Louis Armstrong House Museum in New York has hired its first curator, David L Reese

The Louis Armstrong House became a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

The museum opened to the public in 2003. The jazz great lived there until his death in 1971.