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Flood fears as 2014 saw 7 of higest ever tides

DUBLIN this year has seen seven of the highest tides ever recorded, the city council has said.

The council has passed a motion recognising that the "ongoing and continually increasing risk of flooding" is one of the greatest infrastructural issues facing the city.

It has agreed to put a plan in place to identify the flood risks the city could face over the next 100 years and build defences accordingly.

"We need to take action and we need to take action now on both flooding and climate change," said Green Party councillor Ciaran Cuffe.

A Green Party spokesman said the rising sea levels should be a "warning to anyone who thinks Dublin is immune to climate change".

"Places like Ringsend and Clontarf (inset) need urgent investment if they're to be spared heavy flooding a few times a year. Dublin has a lot of work to do if this trend continues," he said.