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Flights cancelled as strong winds batter the country

STRONG winds are set to continue over the weekend as forcasters said conditions will remain "unsettled and disruptive".

Several flights were cancelled at Dublin airport today after disruptive winds battered the country last night and this morning.

Six flights were scrapped altogether after winds of up to 120 km/h swept across the country.

All flights were temporarily suspended arriving and departing Dublin airport last night, and delays were caused as a result.

Around 15 flights were diverted to Belfast and Shannon airports, while Dublin Airport warned passengers to check their airline's website before making arrangements.


"While the vast majority of flights are operating normally this morning, six flights have been cancelled due to severe gusty winds overnight," a statement on the Dublin Airport Authority's website read this morning.

The cancelled flights were those involving smaller aircraft that are used for regional flights within Ireland and for journeys across to the UK.

This morning Met Eireann kept its status yellow alert in place with strong winds expected to continue tonight and through the weekend, reaching speeds of up to 110 km/h.

A spokesperson for the organisation said that "unsettled and disruptive weather" is to be expected over the weekend.

"Winds are expected to pick up throughout today, with blustery conditions to sweep the country.

"The winds will continue overnight and continue into tomorrow, but temperatures are to remain unusually high for this time of year, between 14 and 15 degrees."

Temperatures are expected to drop in what is a "juxtaposing" weekend for weather, falling to between 3-7 degrees going into Sunday.