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Flight death mum's son thanks crew

THE grieving family of an American flight attendant who died in hospital here after collapsing onboard a New Year's Eve transatlantic flight have thanked everyone who tried to save their mother.

Emoly Balades (61), a flight attendant with Continental Airlines, suffered a heart attack on the flight which was en route from London to the US last Friday afternoon.

Sadly, Ms Balades could not be resuscitated and she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the Mid-Western Hospital in Limerick.

Ms Balades' son Jason paid an emotional tribute to all those who attempted to help his mother: "The [flight attendant] Emoly Balades was my mother. She died at the hospital shortly after arriving. I am in Shannon right now claiming her and taking her home with me.

"Thank you to the crew on-board who tried their hardest to perform CPR and help my mother. I would like to thank Continental for all of their efforts to make this difficult time easier for our family."