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Flight axed as drunks cause chaos in cabin

A GROUP of drunken passengers flew out of control on a delayed flight at Dublin airport -- terrifying families and holiday makers last weekend.

The eight unruly holiday makers became abusive to cabin crew and passengers when their flight TOM1738 to Larnaca, Cyprus, was delayed by three hours on Sunday afternoon.

The plane was about to depart Dublin airport when the culprits had to be escorted off the plane by gardai, because cabin crew were unable to bring them under control.

A spokesperson from Thomson Airways (TA) told the Herald the behaviour continued despite warnings from the pilot. The police were notified and removed eight passengers.

One frightened witness said that passengers were terrified for their safety.

"It looked like they were going to break out into a full scale riot," she said.

However, a spokesperson from Dublin Airport Authority said: "There are no reports of the passengers being under the influence or in possession of a substance.

"As a matter of protocol, Airport Police were called to escort the passengers off the aircraft. Airport Police assessed the situation and contacted An Garda Siochana to attend."

Gardai accompanied the revellers out of the airport, and they were released to go home.

A garda spokesperson said: "There were no arrests made as there was no complaint made."

The flight which had been due to depart at 13.50pm, but was delayed until 5pm for "technical reasons", was cancelled until the next morning as the crew had exceeded their legally permitted working hours.

The flight eventually departed Dublin airport on Monday at 9am, after a delay of approximately 19 hours.