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Fleeing face slasher tried to board ferry

GARDAI have arrested the chief suspect for a horrific knife attack that took place in the city centre in broad daylight.

The violent slash assault left a man needing 100 stitches after his face was sliced open.

The suspect -- an Algerian national -- was arrested in Belfast by the PSNI as he attempted to board a ferry. He was handed over to gardai over the weekend.

A major hunt was launched for the suspect by detectives from Pearse Street after the incident which happened on Lower Camden Street shortly after 4pm on Wednesday, March 21, in front of dozens of shocked witnesses outside the Age Action charity shop.

Informed sources said the victim -- also an Algerian national in his 30s who has lived here for eight years -- was attacked out of a "jealous rage" over the affections of an Irish woman.


The attacker is understood to have recently lost his job at a fast food restaurant -- and was replaced by the man that he assaulted.

Sources in the Islamic community said the incident was as a result of a "love triangle".

"This victim was lured to Lower Camden Street under false pretences, by a former colleague. He was phoned by his attacker and was asked to meet up. When he arrived, a knife was pulled and his face was completely slashed," a source explained.

The victim was brought to St James's Hospital where he received treatment.

An eye-witness told the Herald: "It was a terrible situation. There was blood everywhere -- it actually took the firemen a while to hose down the street.

"The man who was stabbed was in a dreadful way, his face was destroyed. He was very upset when he was being put in the ambulance."