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Flashbacks to rare auld times that became online sensation

DO you recognise anyone in these images of Dublin?

The Twitter account dedicated to photographs of life in the capital now has 10,000 followers after just three months.

The brainchild of Blanchardstown man John McGuinness, it focuses on every aspect of Dublin through the ages and has gained popularity as far away as America and Australia.

From old grainy black-and-whites to full colour shots, John gives the followers of PhotosOfDublin a daily dose of history, nostalgia, wonder and entertainment.

And while he has plenty more photographs to post-up yet, he is also asking for followers to submit their own photographs of life in Dublin city in the rare auld times.

"I've been working in IT since I was 18 and I'm 33 now, and in that time I've stored away a lot of images that have been floating around in the ether," John told the Herald.

"And it wasn't until I started engaging with Twitter that I discovered it is the perfect vehicle for putting the images out there for others to enjoy."

The Symantec worker said that what started out as a pastime is now bringing happiness to thousands of people, including high-profile followers such as Amy Huberman and Ray D'Arcy.

"As a hobby it costs me nothing but my time and I make nothing from it, but a lot of people seem to get a bit of joy from it," John said.

If you have photographs of Dublinyou can share them with John at photosofdublin@gmail.com.