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Five hurt as families' Debs night descends into violent brawl


Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Gardai have arrested a woman after a row at a Debs party descended into a fight in which five people were injured.

The incident happened last Tuesday in the north of Dublin during what was supposed to be a family celebration.

It involved members of two families who claim to have suffered injuries at the hands of the other.

The injuries to one family are believed to include a broken tooth for one woman.

A second woman is believed to have required four stitches after receiving an injury to her ear, while

a man was allegedly left with several bite marks on his chest.

The second family claim that two elderly members received bruising and other injuries.

The woman who was arrested is understood

to have had clumps of her hair pulled out during the fight.

While neither family would comment on the record when approached by the Herald, both confirmed that there had been an altercation.


The woman who was arrested was taken in under a public order charge and not for any matter relating directly to the fight.

She was later released without charge and a file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on the matter.

No complaints were made to gardai at the time of the fight by either family.

However, it is now understood that the family from which the woman was arrested is set to make a complaint, which the family say they expect gardai to investigate.

A garda source confirmed a row had been reported at the address on Tuesday night as a Debs celebration was under way.


“Alcohol would seem to have been a factor in the row,” the source said.

“While no complaints were made at the time, a woman was arrested nearby for her own safety on a public order issue and she was later released”.

Local sources said that the relationship between both families was already strained.

Despite this, the family hosting the party had decided to invite members of the other party to their home.

“The relationship appears to be fractured now after this episode,” a local source said.

“I can’t see things being the same again,” they told the Herald.