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Fitness expert Quinn accused of sex assault

HEALTH guru Tony Quinn is being sued after a woman made allegations of sexual assault, battery and fraudulent misrepresentation.

Waterford woman Maire Lalor has been granted High Court leave to mail a civil damages claim to Mr Quinn.

Barrister David Conlan Smyth told Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy yesterday that Quinn, mainly resident in the Bahamas, is in Dublin this weekend to address a health seminar at the RDS.

He said summons server Brian Comiskey had been unable to serve a Plenary Summons on Quinn or any of his agents because of high walls and gates surrounding his converted seaside Martello Tower home at Malahide, Co Dublin.

Judge McCarthy, in the ex parte (in the absence of the other party) application, granted Ms Lalor, of Glenside, Ballycarnane Woods, Tramore, leave to serve her summons on Quinn through the ordinary post to his Malahide address.

Since Mr Quinn has not yet been served with Ms Lalor's claim or notification of any of her allegations, he is not aware of them and therefore no appearance or defence has been entered or exists on his behalf. Ms Lalor's allegations remain unsubstantiated.

Judge McCarthy was handed a copy of Ms Lalor's summons in which she claims damages for sexual assault and for allegedly procuring sexual relations with her against her will.

The detailed claim also alleges assault and battery; allegedly obtaining money by false pretences; alleged fraudulent misrepresentation, intentional or careless infliction of mental suffering and suborning Ms Lalor by undue influence.

Ms Lalor has also issued the summons against Human Resource Potential Seminars.


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