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First look at city bridge set to beat traffic hold-ups

THIS is how Dublin city's latest bridge is expected to look when constructed.

This artist's impression shows how the proposed Marlborough Street bridge will help further alleviate the city's traffic problems along the quays.

It's also expected that Eden Quay, which runs perpendicular to the bridge, will be fully resurfaced once the bridge is finished.

Motorists were wondering why Eden Quay was not resurfaced along with the rest of the quays in the council's recent roadworks programme.

However, council bosses have said the crumbling Eden Quay will be repaved in the future, after the new bridge is constructed.

Construction of the Marlborough Street bridge was due to start in the autumn, but contractual delays has meant it will now begin in the next few months. It will be about 26 metres wide and 48 metres long.

Works will be ongoing once the bridge starts, and traffic management will be changing from time to time, so there is no point in resurfacing Eden Quay until the bridge is completed, the council has said.

The bridge will be a public transport, cycle and pedestrian bridge linking Marlborough Street and Eden Quay on the north side of the Liffey to Hawkins Street and Burgh Quay on the south side.

It will allow for the reorganisation of the Dublin bus route network, and will provide additional capacity for buses and taxis crossing the Liffey, as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

It is also being designed to carry the Luas Line that will eventually connect the existing red and green lines.

The new bridge is expected to ease pedestrian traffic on O'Connell Bridge, which currently carries 6,000 walkers every hour. Council managers estimate that at least 10pc of these pedestrians will use the new bridge instead.