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First Bali, now Big Apple... Brippa treat themselves to a second honeymoon

MODEL Pippa O'Connor and TV husband Brian Ormond sneaked away for a second honeymoon in the plush Hamptons area of New York, the Herald can reveal.

The couple decided to extend their trip to the Big Apple after guesting on the National Lottery's Big Money Game.

Pippa and Brian have not had the chance to go on holiday all year.

But speaking to the Herald in Manhattan's Sofitel Hotel, a few days ago the pair spoke of their plans to enjoy a few extra days away before the hectic winter schedule kicks in.

"It's just been so hectic for both of us so we said we'd extend it and head for the Hamptons. I've never been before, so I'm really looking forward to it. It will just be nice to be away from everything workwise and really relax," Pippa said.

"We've both got such a busy time ahead so it will be nice to spend so time together before we get back into action.

"Although I've been away myself, Brian and I haven't. He's just been so busy filming and it's been non-stop for me too, so we are very excited about the Hamptons."


RTE star Brian, who has just finished filming the popular game show along with co-presenter Sinead Kennedy, told the Herald that the trip to New York was "simply amazing".

"This is our third time going but it's been as good as any other trip to New York. But because we've been so busy we never got to get away together so it will be really nice to just relax."

"All the winners and other guests were great -- it's a trip that everyone really enjoys and it's a credit to the National Lottery to organise it in the way they do.

"There's people on this trip who have never even flown before so it's been great meeting them."

The couple travelled to the Hamptons in Long Island, a spot favoured by celebrities, earlier this week before flying back home on Monday.

They were married just over a year ago in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, and they see the New York trip as being a "second honeymoon". They went to Bali after their wedding.

The pair recently did a stint together on RTE show Celebrity Banisteoir, with Pippa admitting there was a fair amount of rivalry between her and her husband.

"Of course there is rivalry. There always is with those sorts of shows. There was definitely a lot of banter when we were at home in the kitchen. But ultimately we wanted each other to do well."


Pippa enjoyed doing a spot of shopping during the trip to New York, with Bloomingdales proving to be a favourite for the Kildare model.

"I bought plenty of makeup and Ugg boots -- you just can't beat the shopping in New York," she said.