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Firewalkers raise funds for Battens

THESE brave fundraisers stripped off shoes and socks and walked on fire in honour of brave Liam Heffernan.

The parents of the little boy who lost his fight to Battens Disease have pledged to continue raising awareness about the condition and fundraise.

Liam (5) was buried just last week but last night supporters, friends and family took part in the event in Dublin.

Masterchef star and restauranteur Nick Munier and 15 staff members from Carroll’s gift shops joined 19 others to dash across coals that reached temperatures of 500 degrees.

Angela O’Connor, who helped organise last night’s event at Dublin’s Church Venue’ on Mary Street, said that she expected that there would be several thousand euro raised.

“Obviously there was a question of whether or not it was going to go ahead with Liam passing last week, but I was with Tony and Mary and they were adamant they wanted it to go ahead,” she said.


Ms O’Connor said that after spending just five minutes in the company of the inspirational couple “you will be changed”.

Both of Tony and Mary Heffernan’s young children Saoirse and Liam battled the illness and passed away at the age of five. Batten disease is a fatal, inherited disorder of the nervous system that typically begins in childhood.

Tony last week announced that “Liamo” had grown his “angel wings”, three years after they laid their daughter Saoirse to rest.

The money from last night’s event is set to benefit the BUMBLEance’, the world’s first interactive children’s 

The couple from Kerry also tirelessly fundraise for the Saoirse Foundation and Liam’s Lodge, both of which are aimed at providing care and assistance for ill children.

Mr Heffernan said that he was very grateful to those who participated in last night’s 
Dublin event and said that it is an example of “Ireland at its best”.



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