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Firefighters tackle arson

Dublin Fire Brigade has reported a busy night dealing with what are believed to be malicious fires in advance of Halloween.

A shipping container used as changing rooms at a pitch on Stannaway Road in Crumlin was set alight at 8pm last night, but after the flames were extinguished there was a repeat of the event at around 2am when a much bigger fire was fought.

Also at 2am the disused IDA Centre at Gardiner Street, which was packed with pallets and tyres, was discovered to be on fire.

The fire took four hours to fight.

Autobahn sniper jailed

A court in Germany has sentenced a trucker to 10 years in prison for shooting at fellow drivers more than 700 times over a five-year period. In one incident a female driver was hit in the neck by a ricochet but survived.

The 58-year-old man was found guilty of four counts of attempted murder, grievous bodily harm and dangerous interference with traffic.

The regional court didn't publish the man's name, in line with German privacy rules.

Armed Kurds enter Kobani

A contingent of Iraqi Kurdish fighters has amassed at Turkey's border with Syria before crossing to join the fight against Islamic State militants in Kobani.

Hundreds of Kurds in Turkey cheered the armed convoy of the fighters, known as Peshmerga, along their journey to the border area.

The semi-autonomous Kurdish government in northern Iraq has sent about 150 troops armed with weapons to help the city's defenders break the weeks-long siege of Kobani by Islamic State.

Gay men lose court fight

Three gay men lost their fight to overturn Singapore's ban on sex between males, as judges at the nation's highest court ruled that the 76-year-old law is constitutional.

The "intensely controversial" challenge brought by the men is best debated before the city's parliament, the judges said in their 107-page decision delivered yesterday.