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Fire station victim still off work for 'shock' injuries

A worker who was electrocuted at a dilapidated Dublin fire station has not returned to work since the accident, it is understood.

The member of Tallaght fire station, south Dublin, was electrocuted several months ago -- and now his colleagues have demanded renovations at the station.

An electrical engineer has been sent to assess the fire station since the accident, it is understood.

One fire brigade source told the Herald that staff braved last winter in prefabs which were originally meant for just one fire crew, instead of the current two.

"The lad who was involved [in the accident] is still out of work and he's been involved in discussions about the station."


A spokesperson from Dublin Fire Brigade refused to comment on the accident. But the Department of Environment said it has provided €3.34m to date for fire stations this year, and of this €356,000 is specifically for upgrades/renovation of facilities.

"The department has also provided €4.12m for the provision of new fire appliances and equipment in the same period."

But the fire brigade source says members cannot understand why a busy fire station "would have to fight for basic facilities".