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Fire service is still owed more than €500,000

MORE than €500,000 is owed to Dublin Fire Brigade for sending units to house fires and car crashes.

The unpaid bills go back to January 2012 when domestic charges for such incidents were introduced.

The cost of attending a house fire, chimney fire or false alarm is €500 while it is €610 for firemen working at the scene of a car crash.

Since 2012, the fire service in the capital has attended 2,800 incidents and should have collected €1.2m at this stage. However, €517,000 is still outstanding.

The Irish Times is reporting that the charges were introduced by Dublin City Council because it could not reach an agreement with the Irish Insurance Federation on a contribution to the cost of running the fire service.


This is despite the fact that insurance companies were collecting premiums which included fire callout charges.

The council maintains that the charge should be passed on by the householder or motorist to their insurance companies.

Since 2003, owners of commercial premises have had to pay the fire brigade for attending fire and other emergency calls. The cost of these ranges from €610 to €915.

Last November, the Herald revealed almost two thirds of businesses are still being chased for payment after calling out the services of Dublin Fire Brigade for the first ten months of 2014.