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Fire brigade called to fill sea lion tank





FIRE brigade crews spent four hours filling a sea lion water tank for Duffy's Circus.

Two units were dispatched to the seaside town of Tramore in Waterford to pump water into the 60,000-litre container.

"It's not an irregular thing to happen. If it does happen, then Duffy's or any such body pays the full economic cost," a Waterford City Council spokesman said.

Approval is only given if it does not interfere with the potential use of the tenders for emergency situations, he added.

The spokesman said the bill has yet to be calculated as they have to take into account fuel and other expenses.

As Irish Water is now in charge of the provision of water, its permission was also required.

"They got permission from Irish Water to fill the tank," the spokesman said, with the cost of the 60,000 litres coming to about €63.

Mark McFerran, a spokesman for Duffy's, said the fee for the fire service is "around €500 to €550" but they haven't received the invoice yet.

"We always pay the fire service when we require them to fill the pool," he said.

"The issue in Tramore wasn't that we didn't have water on site, simply that the pressure wasn't strong enough to fill the outdoor swimming pool in a timely manner.


"While the outdoor pool was filling the sea lions were playing in their indoor pool," he 

When it was obvious the outdoor pool was going to take some considerable time to fill, Duffy's "had no hesitation to call the fire brigade".

"Our animals were inspected yesterday by Waterford Animal Welfare. Our three sea lions, Ziggy, Andrew and Nelson showered the firemen and women with kisses when the pool was filled," Mr McFerran 

The council spokesman said the service is open to all kinds of community groups, once there are tenders and crews available and the economic cost of the provision is paid for. A source said it took the fire brigade took four hours to fill the tank.