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Fiona Doyle 'felt forced to quit' her job over car pipebomb threat


Fiona Doyle

Fiona Doyle

Fiona Doyle

BRAVE rape victim Fiona Doyle has said she and her husband felt forced to leave their jobs after a deadly pipe bomb was left underneath her car.

One of the country's most feared gangsters is suspected of being involved in the shocking incident which occurred outside the couple's Wexford home last month.

It is understood that Ms Doyle's husband, who works as a doorman at the Wicklow town nightclub, was the intended target of the attack.

Speaking to the Herald, Ms Doyle said her partner had "upset" one of the crimelord's lackeys after refusing him entry to the popular watering hole.

When refused entry, the individual asked Ms Doyle's partner "how was his house down in Ballycanew".

Ms Doyle, who also occasionally worked as a security guard at the bar, said both she and her husband felt they had no choice but to leave following the ordeal.

The pipe bomb was discovered at Ms Doyle's home in Ballycanew, north Co Wexford, at 9am on April 14.

Ms Doyle came to prominence after bravely giving up her right to anonymity after she was abused by her father.

Senior sources said the device was packed with enough high-grade explosive that it would have "taken out the car" and a number of homes on the street as well.

A source has revealed that the publican and staff have also had threats against them for continuing to refuse entry to the criminal.

The gangster, who has links to the Continuity IRA, is being investigated about his involvement in the sinister incident.