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Finn Balor back to his wrestling roots at 3Arena


Finn Balor

Finn Balor

Finn Balor

Finn Balor is set to become Ireland's next WWE big name, and he can't wait to show off his skills when the live wrestling extravaganza comes to Dublin next month.

Bray native Finn - real name Fergal Devitt - said it will a dream come true to perform at home after spending eight years as a professional wrestler in Japan.

"I'm really excited. I remember being 10 years old going to The Point, as it was called then, to see the live shows and I was blown away," he told the Herald.

"It gives me goosebumps to think of me going back to perform there 20 years later.

"To walk out into the 3Arena and have the same people who I went to those shows with in the crowd supporting me is quite surreal. I'm buzzing about it."

Finn said he has had much more recognition since joining the WWE and was even stopped in the street by fans when he came home at Christmas.


"I was home a lot when I lived in Japan, but the wrestling scene was so low-key, especially in Ireland, and I never got recognised," he said.

"But when I was home after Christmas I went out with the lads. The Reality Bites: Smack 'Em Up show had just aired on RTE and news about me joining the WWE was out and I got recognised loads. It was quite surreal to see the reach the WWE has in Ireland and around the world.

"People wanted selfies and they were all wishing me well - it was humbling."

Finn (33) is on track to claim the WWE's NXT title, but tries not to listen to what the critics are saying.

"I f you believe the good, you'll believe the bad," he said.

WWE Live is at the 3Arena on April 9. Tickets from €30 via www.ticketmaster.ie