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Finger broken in ring theft

A boy is to face trial for taking part in a burglary in which an elderly woman suffered a broken finger when an engagement ring was forcibly taken from her.

The 15-year-old had been charged at the Dublin Children's Court with burglary at Gledswood Park, in Clonskeagh, on the evening of September 13 last year. However, it was held he should be sent for trial to the Circuit Court, which can, on conviction, impose lengthier sentences.

A second teenage boy has already been served with a book of evidence in connection with the incident.

Waters backs protest song

Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters has no qualms about giving a Canadian band permission to tinker with his band's classic Another Brick in The Wall for use as an anthem for young Iranians.

Toronto-based band Blurred Vision, fronted by two exiled Iranian brothers, reworked the lyrics to express the resentment felt by young people toward the government of Iran, where it is illegal to play rock music.

One well-known line was changed to "Hey, Ayatollah, leave those kids alone!"

Wyclef vows to use English

Singer Wyclef Jean plans to govern Haiti in English and Creole if he is elected president, setting him apart from his political rivals in the former French colony.

Politicians in Haiti traditionally speak mainly Creole and French -- the latter for many things being the language of government in Haiti.

Jean's American-accented Creole and lack of French are constant reminders he did not grow up there.

Lost stars seek next TV show

Michael Emerson confirms he and former fellow Lost star Terry O'Quinn are shopping around for ideas for a TV show. Emerson says they both want something more lighthearted than Lost. He hopes the show can acknowledge their "age and frailty." Emerson says he envisions a show where, if their characters get hit in the face, they "don't get up for a month".