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Fingal set to spend €93m on projects

Fingal County Council expects to spend a total of €93m on 147 capital projects over the next three years, the local authority has revealed.

Among the projects earmarked for improvement by the council are Swords Castle and Cultural Quarter, an upgrade of Newbridge Demesne visitor facilities, renovations to Malahide Castle and the development of Shackleton Gardens, at Beechpark in Clonsilla.

The Capital Works Programme 2014 - 2016 was warmly welcomed by local councillors at Monday's meeting, though councillors in Dublin 15 again highlighted the urgent need to set aside money to develop a new graveyard in the area.

The council said it estimates €5.7m of the new capital programme will be spent on community infrastructure.

It also estimates that 44pc of the capital spend, some €40.7m, will be on housing projects, an increase of 30pc on the previous capital programme.

In relation to the current capital works programme, the local authority said that it has spent a total of €54m on housing projects in 2014, which is 50pc more than the initial projection of €36m.

The extra money was spent on housing, libraries, coastal protection, purchase of sites for schools and development of visitor attractions, said Fingal's chief executive, Paul Reid.

Mr Reid said the largest portion of the housing overspend, more than €8m, was due to increased housing costs.


The money was used to fund repairs to council houses, window and door replacement, and the purchase of social houses.

Mr Reid said that repairs to a fire-damaged dwelling cost €120,000. Other repairs cost €2.4m, while upgrading windows and doors cost €1.1m.

However, the council saved money in other areas, including capital spending on libraries, culture and sports, which amounted to €5m - less than the planned figure of €9.7m.

The council has also said it expects to achieve €13.3m in development levy income over the lifetime of the new capital works programme.