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'Find thugs who scarred my boy with fireworks'

A 12-year-old boy hit in the face with an exploding Halloween banger has returned to school.

The boy's mother said he is back in class and his scars are healing well two weeks later.

She is praying that gardai find the youths who threw the firework at the schoolboy.

"I am praying the gardai will find the culprits," said the mother at her home in Tallaght.


"There are marks on my son's face and it will take time for them to heal."

The attack happened as her son was standing near a Halloween bonfire on the Deerpark Estate when youths threw a banger at him.

His Nigerian mother has called for tougher enforcement of anti-fireworks laws.

The boy suffered scars on his face and hand and narrowly avoided being blinded in the vicious attack.

He was trick-or-treating with friends in Tallaght on the night.

His mother told the Herald following the attack: "It's a disgrace. My son could have been blinded. The laws must be enforced more strictly."

Her son underwent treatment at Crumlin Children's Hospital in Dublin.

"The doctors have told us he will not need plastic surgery and we will be able to bring him home," she said at the time.

"He no longer needs a bandage on his face, but he has one on his hand. He has scars on his face and his hand.


"My son is very lucky and he's a very brave boy. People selling bangers to young people should be caught and punished," she said.

She said her son had tried to block the banger from hitting his face by lifting the plastic bag he was carrying for trick or treat sweets.

"He saw the burning fuse melting the plastic of the bag and he thought it would be okay. Then it exploded. His hand and his face were hurt," she said.

The mother-of-two living in the Deerpark Estate was appalled to learn that bangers filled with gun powder were "widely available" on the black market for just €3 for 10.

"It's a disgrace. Children are able to afford these things without getting any consent from their parents," she said.

"People illegally selling those things are like those who sell drugs. It's disgraceful. They should be arrested," she said.

She was thankful her son did not lose his sight, she said.

On the day after the attack, the boy told the Herald: " There were three lads, around 17 years old, and they were real tall. And they just threw it at me.

"It exploded in my face. It was very painful and very sore.

"I've got scars and marks on my face now," he said.