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Finance advice case is settled Passions high over Nazi sign Lucille auction causes a row 'Savage' killers due for jailing

A RETIRED solicitor and his wife have settled legal action against partners in Bloxham stockbrokers over allegedly negligent investment advice.

The action by Maurice Curran is among ten sets of proceedings brought over the same advice -- in which an investment bond dropped by 97pc in value. Bloxham is facing claims amounting to some €10m.

Yesterday, Judge Peter Kelly was told by Declan McGrath, for Bloxham, and Bernard Dunleavy, for the Currans, that the couple's action had settled and could be struck out.

Passions high over Nazi sign

A huge outdoor art poster that blends Mickey Mouse's image with that of a swastika and a nude woman's body is causing a stir in Poland, where memories of the suffering inflicted by Nazi Germany remain strong.

The poster is an Italian artist's take on what he calls the "horrors" of the American lifestyle.

But the reaction shows that there is little appetite in Poland for satirical or artistic uses of images linked to Nazi Germany.

Lucille auction causes a row

Heirs of the late Lucille Ball and her second husband are sparring over the planned auction of some of the couple's prized possessions.

Among the items on the auction block are love letters between Ball and Gary Morton, a Rolls Royce and some of the actress's awards.

However, Ball's daughter from her first marriage with Desi Arnaz wants some of the items returned. An attorney for Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill says she will go to court tomorrow to try to block the sale if the items are not returned.

'Savage' killers due for jailing

Two killers will be jailed today for the "savage" murder of an innocent chef and his flatmate.

Naples-born Claudio Lamponi (30) and Massimo Manai (41) from Cagliari, Sardinia, were found guilty of murdering Luciano Schiano and Donald MacPherson at the Old Bailey yesterday.

Judge Richard Hone told the two petty criminals and drug users that they could be facing minimum terms of more than 30 years.