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Filthy party-crashing craze is blamed on teen TV show Skins

TV SHOW Skins has started a craze of gatecrashing in Ireland, in which homes are defiled by young yobs and left in a disgusting state.

In one incident in Bray, thugs rubbed human excrement into beds after forcing their way into a teenager's house while his parents were away.

Named after the E4 TV drama, which follows the lives of a group of British teens, the so-called Skins parties are growing in momentum around the south county Dublin and Wicklow area.

The latest in a series of attacks on homes saw vandals rubbing human excrement into beds and smashing a window to get into the party.


A woman, who lives on Rochestown Avenue, said that her home was victim to one of these disgusting attacks.

During the party for her 16-year-old daughter, her car was splattered with glue and eggs and the house locks were glued up during the party.

Also, handbags, iPods, phones and a computer were all taken during the event.

But she said that this was not an isolated event and there has been other incidents.

"Since my house was trashed I have heard of three similar incidents taking place within a week of each other in the same estate in Bray," said the woman, who would not reveal the name of the estate.

And Councillor Jane Dillon Byrne heard of a similar trashing in Foxrock.

"There was an horrendous attack on a house in Foxrock, whose owners were very particular," she said.

"They absolutely wrecked the home."

She said that the event occurred after the young people emailed around an invitation to a party in their home, but it got out of hand. "Teenagers should be so careful when using email or mobile phones to tell people about their parties," she advised.

"You are so vulnerable to troublemakers picking you out."


Gardai said that they are aware that party gatecrashing was happening, and advised parents to be watchful of their children.

"It does happen and parents should be present, regardless of what the teenagers think," said Detective Inspector Frank Keenaghan of Bray Garda Station.

He advised parents to encourage their children to make a list of people they want at the party and to set a time limit and stick to it.

Detective Keenaghan said that if things were getting out of hand at parties, that the parents should call their local Gardai.

"You may be unpopular with your son or daughter, but the integrity of your house will be maintained," he said.