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Film shows Tesco victims seconds before murders

TRAGIC cousins Mark Noonan and Glen Murphy can be seen in a CCTV image -- seconds before they were shot dead.

The newly released picture shows the pair walking into a filling station at Tesco Clearwater in Finglas shortly before a gunman murdered both of them in cold blood.

Another shocking image -- published recently -- shows Noonan lying dead on the ground.

The double murder will feature on tonight's Crimecall programme on RTE.

Cousins Noonan (23) and Murphy (19) were shot as they went to purchase cigarettes at a garage shop at Tesco, Clearwater in Finglas last November.

Gardai have released the CCTV image in an appeal for information about the killers.

The two young men are shown entering the convenience store attached to the petrol station. Minutes later two ruthless gunmen opened fire on the cousins as they got out of their car -- a grey Toyota Avensis.

The killers drove past in their BMW -- which had a cloned number plate 06 D 13665 -- just before midnight on November 23 last year.

The driver paused as one of the gunmen got out of the car and emptied his gun into Mark's body. The two young men were left to die in a pool of blood as the killers sped away.

Mr Murphy, from O'Devaney Gardens, North Circular Road, and Mr Noonan, from Drumalee, North Circular Road, were hit by up to 15 bullets.

Neither of the victims were known for any involvement in any serious criminality and it's believed that it was a case of mistaken identity.

RTE's Crimecall will broadcast an appeal for help in finding the killers. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crimecall on 1800 405060.

They are also asking the customer who entered the Tesco at the same time as the cousins to come forward. The individual was wearing a blue knitted hat, an orange hoody, tracksuit bottoms and dark trainers with yellow laces.


The appeal will also focus on the false registration plate on the dark 5-series four-door BMW car that was used by the two gunmen.

Officers came close to catching the killers after the murder, but the gunmen were able to shake off the pursuing patrol car, reaching speeds of 200kph.

The getaway car was heading in the direction of Dundalk on the M1 when it was lost.