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Fifteen eunuchs die in tent blaze

A FIRE tore through a makeshift tent at a gathering of thousands of eunuchs in the Indian capital Delhi, killing 15 people and injuring at least 36 others, police said.

Emergency workers said yesterday's blaze at a prayer ceremony was most likely caused by an electrical short and quickly spread through the tent.

The term eunuchs is used in India to describe transvestites, transsexuals and others who identify themselves as neither male nor female but as a member of a third gender.

Farmer killed in bull attack

A bull has gored to death a 73-year-old Australian man at a farm outside Melbourne.

The man died from extensive head and chest injuries after paramedics were unable to revive him after performing CPR.

Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman Gabrielle Degenhardt says the ambulance service got a call from a relative of the man at their private farm in Acheron, about 97 kilometres northwest of Melbourne.

$100k for man wrongly jailed

Australian authorities have compensated an Australian man $100,000 after they wrongly accused him of trying to smuggle drugs into the country in bottles of shampoo.

Neil Parry spent three days in jail last year after he was arrested at Darwin Airport and accused of trafficking liquid ecstasy. His boat and two of his friends' houses were also searched.

But it turned out that his two bottles of Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner were exactly what the label said.

Springsteen on way to Europe

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are set to go on the road in 2012.

Springsteen announced plans to tour the United States and Europe on his official website. Dates were to be announced later.

He also wrote the band is "incredibly excited" about the new year, adding their new music is "almost done" and "still untitled", but with an undetermined release date.

This will be the first tour for the E Street Band since saxophonist Clarence Clemons died in June.