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Fifi - 'depression hit me full whack' after Peaches

THE sister of tragic Peaches Geldof has opened up about her battle with depression.

Fifi Geldof - the eldest daughter of Dubliner Bob - said that depression hit her "full whack'' following the death of her sister (right).

Fifi (31) said she has been hiding behind a "mask" for several years, but her problems were heightened after the untimely death of Peaches.

The mum-of-two (25) died in April this year of a heroin overdose.

Fifi said that she is constantly battling depression and opened up in the aftermath of Robin Williams' death earlier this week.

"I wear a permanent mask so I won't feel judged for feeling how I actually feel," Fifi said.

"You can't escape it, it just simmers under the surface when it's not hitting you full whack.


"Which, for obvious reasons, it has done to me for the last few months."

Fifi - who is planning her wedding next year with fiance Andrew Robertson (33) - said that she has been able to hide her problems from her nearest and dearest.

"People wouldn't have the first clue of it to look at me or talk to me," she said.

The PR executive - who also has sisters Pixie and Tiger Lily - said she wanted to speak out following the news that actor Robin Williams took his own life earlier this week, partly due to depression.

"Devastated by the news. Depression needs to be taken a lot more seriously," she wrote after the popular actor's death.

"No one should feel pushed to those actions by their all-encompassing misery. Makes me so sad that he [Williams] had the world crying with laughter whilst drowning in his own tears.'

"I think this has prompted me to want to speak out publicly about my own depression which I've suffered from for years.

"Just in a feeble attempt to bring some more awareness and understanding to something that oughtn't to be surrounded by such a stigma.''