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Fiery McGrath set to sizzle again with new restaurant near rival Gallagher

CONTROVERSIAL chef Dylan McGrath is in the final stages of making a sizzling return to the Dublin restaurant scene.

The Herald can reveal how the 33-year-old 'enfant terrible' of the cookery world has secured a new southside venue that he hopes will echo the initial success of his former Ranelagh restaurant Mint.

And his new restaurant, which is situated on George's Street, will be within a few hundred yards of the eatery owned by his celebrity chef rival, comeback kid Conrad Gallagher.

Ironically, one of Dylan's first jobs was working with Gallagher at his infamous Peacock Alley restaurant.


Clearly undaunted by the competition presented by the Donegal native, who was declared bankrupt in a South African court last year, his new venue will be situated on the same strip as the acclaimed Salon des Saveurs.

A source has revealed how Dylan, who earned a Michelin star for Mint in January 2008, has been quietly working away putting the final touches to his Dublin restaurant.

"He has spent months looking around for the right location and a place with the right capacity as they are two crucial elements when it comes to Dublin restaurants," he said.

"He has been recruiting staff for the past few weeks and is determined to make a real go of his venture and really re-establish himself on the scene.


"He has a reputation for being a great chef and what happened with Mint was a real sign of the times but he has dusted himself off and is ready to go again." He has been busy interviewing staff and has used his own name on the advertisement.

The ad on a jobs website states:"We are a new concept restaurant opening soon under Michelin Star Chef Dylan McGrath. Based in Dublin 2, right in the heart of of Dublin's shopping and entertainment district.

"We are currently looking for experienced Wait Staff to work in our stylish, and busy restaurant.

"We are looking for friendly, upbeat people with a passion for good service, good food and wine knowledge."