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FG have 'made up' new rules – Lucinda


 Lucinda Creighton

Lucinda Creighton

Lucinda Creighton

THE Fine Gael rebels admonished for voting against the abortion legislation were told they can no longer "sit at the top table" during party gatherings.

Former minister Lucinda Creighton has furiously hit out at Fine Gael bosses for issuing rules which she described as being "made up from thin air".

The Dublin TD has spoken for the first time about a letter she received from general secretary Tom Curran after she opposed the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill.



In an interview with the Herald, Ms Creighton claims that Mr Curran listed "seven or eight points" which she was told she must adhere to after being stripped of the party whip.

She claims she was told she could not "sit at the top table" at Fine Gael gatherings, and that she could no longer "be consulted about the dates of meetings".

The outspoken politician said the correspondence listed off "silly things that are not in our party's rules".

"They are just made up from thin air, like you can't sit at the top table, you can't describe yourself as a Fine Gael candidate, you can't advertise yourself as a Fine Gael TD, all this stuff, which is just fiction, it's all made up," Ms Creighton told this newspaper.

Ms Creighton added that she responded directly to Mr Curran and challenged him on each point raised in the letter.

"They are fiction and he couldn't substantiate them. He wrote back to me and he failed to substantiate them, so I was proven right," she said.

A Fine Gael spokesman said he would not comment on internal party matters.

Although Ms Creighton and her fellow rebels can no longer attend most official functions, they are still members of the party and are entitled to attend local constituency events.