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FF owe us truth over bail-out -- Burton


Minster for Social Protection Joan Burton. Photo: Damien Eagers

Minster for Social Protection Joan Burton. Photo: Damien Eagers

Minster for Social Protection Joan Burton. Photo: Damien Eagers

JOAN Burton is urging members of the former Fianna Fail/Green government to tell the "full truth" about Anglo and the disastrous bank guarantee.

Speaking about the emergence of the Anglo tapes, the Minister for Social Protection told the Herald she was "upset and angry" by the revelations.

Ms Burton said that a full investigation into what happened will begin later this year.

And she called on key individuals to cooperate fully with investigators. "Like most people, I'm shocked and I have to say I'm upset and angry at the tone of the language," she said.

"I compare it to what it has cost families the length and breadth of the country.

"In the period since the bank guarantee, we have lost 350,000 jobs. We fell off a cliff regards employment."



Ms Burton added: "It is open to Fianna Fail now, who had a disastrous role in the guarantee.

"There are several members of the former government who knew what was going on. There is nothing to prevent them coming forward now and telling people what really happened."

As a member of the opposition in 2008, Ms Burton was a vocal opponent of the bank guarantee – and questioned the then government extensively in the Dail.

Ms Burton was speaking last night at the Fishamble Theatre in Blanchardstown, where she was invited to be a 'guest judge' at a new play called Guaranteed!

Ironically, the play, which is written by Colin Murphy of Cabra, is about the build-up to September 29, 2008 – the day the disastrous bank guarantee was made.

The play had to be completely reworked with the emergence of key tapes from inside Anglo Irish Bank in the run-up to the Government's guarantee.

Ticket sales last week were at 40, but they shot up to over 200 in the last few days.

"I had some scenes like those that were in the Anglo Tapes, but I removed them because I thought they were a distraction. Truth is stranger than fiction," Mr Murphy said.

Guaranteed! runs in various locations in Dublin, Wicklow and Waterford until July 2.