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Feud alert as pal who saw Panda gunned down returns to city

THE Dublin gangster who was with The Panda when he was shot dead is back in town to avenge his pal.

The criminal, known as Jewy, has moved back to the area of the city where Michael ‘Micka’ Kelly, pictured below, was brutally gunned down by a Real IRA assassination team last year.

In an act of defiance, the thug has returned after licking his wounds in Spain following the shocking murder.

Jewy was a close friend and associate of Kelly and was with him when the republican hit squad pounced -- Jewy immediately fled the scene and then moved to Spain to hide out.

The criminal who witnessed his close friend The Panda -- Michael 'Micka' Kelly -- being savagely shot dead by a Real IRA assassination team is back living where the shocking murder took place, the Herald can reveal.

The gangster nicknamed 'Jewy' has been spotted around the Marrsfield apartment complex at Clongriffin, North Dublin, in recent days.

The shock development comes after the man spent months living in Spain's 'Costa-Del-Crime' after the brutal murder of his mate -- who was blasted to death in a hail of gun fire last September after visiting his newborn son and girlfriend.

'Jewy' is well known to gardai. A number of years ago, he had almost €70,000 cash forfeited to the State after a court heard that gardai were satisfied he was friends with drug dealers and the funds were the proceeds of crime.

His friend Kelly (30) was leaving his fiancee's apartment in broad daylight and walking to a car being driven by his pal 'Jewy' when gunmen opened fire.

Immediately after the murder, he sped off in fear of his life and Kelly was left on his own to die after being shot multiple times.

Kelly's partner heard the shots and ran from her apartment before seeing the horrific sight of the father of her children lying dead on the ground.

A stolen Saab -- used in the hit -- was found in Clonshaugh, less than a mile from the scene of the murder.

Sources say that it is "very surprising" that 'Jewy' is back in the Clongriffin area especially since supporters of the RIRA terror gang who murdered Kelly sprayed sinister graffiti close to the exact location that they shot him dead.


Last week, the Herald published a photo which showed that the Real IRA mobsters had written 'dealers beware' and 'Oglaigh Na hEireann' at the spot.

At the start of the month gardai arrested four men, including the chief suspect, for the shocking slaying -- considered the most significant gangland murder of last year.

All four were later released without charge after being detained at three separate northside garda stations.

Three of the men are from the Donaghmede area of the city while another is a well known dissident Republican from Northern Ireland.

The chief suspect for actually murdering Kelly is a 22-year-old man who was involved in protests against Queen Elizabeth's visit to Dublin last May, is well known to gardai and has a conviction for serious crime.

The Real IRA -- led by two notorious brothers -- had been at war with The Panda's crew for months after Kelly refused to pay them extortion money.

Since the murder of Kelly, the Real IRA faction has continued their extortion war with drug dealers.

Last November, the dissident mob were suspected of fireboming the home of the right-hand man of the slain gang boss.

Damage was caused to the rear of the property at Foxhill Green, north Dublin, which is owned by major league drug dealer Paul 'Burger' Walsh.

Burgur Walsh (31) was based in Spain and the house was unoccupied at the time of the arson attack.