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Fergie goes on Oprah to say sorry for €580k sting - then must face Andrew

The Duchess of York will record a public apology on the Oprah Winfrey Show today as she attempts to rebuild her life.

Sarah Ferguson will be filmed having a heart-to-heart with the American chat show queen following the newspaper sting that recorded her offering to sell access to her ex-husband, the Duke of York, for £500,000 (f580,000).

The 10-minute interview, which will be filmed in Los Angeles, will be broadcast on Tuesday.

The former royal has chosen to speak publicly in the States, not Britain, as the country probably holds more importance for her than the UK.

Queen Elizabeth's former daughter-in-law has thrived in the US where she has been able to establish a range of business interests before her recent money worries.

The people of America have welcomed the Duchess and making an apology to millions of them on television is the start of rebuilding her reputation.

A source said: "She feels so much has been written she would like to have the chance to say sorry and explain - she's not going to be making excuses.

"It's no surprise she's doing something in America. It's no doubt where she will be returning to when she rebuilds her life."

Andrew and Sarah have remained good friends despite divorcing and share a home, Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

It is not known whether the Duchess will seek to move to the US or remain in the UK where her two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, are both university students.

Winfrey's show is hugely popular attracting a string of high-profile names from Tom Cruise and Naomi Campbell to Elizabeth Taylor.

The Duchess will return to the UK later this week for a reunion with her daughters and probably face-to-face talks with the Duke.