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'Femme fatale' frightened and in isolation

Attorney Robert Baum said he spent several hours with his client, Anna Chapman, a striking redhead who was branded a femme fatale over two nights this week.

He said she was kept isolated in a cell in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. He said she is allowed one hour a day of exercise, the only time she is allowed to be with another inmate.

Otherwise, she is given no access to phones, television or newspapers, Baum said.

"I can't tell you why, whether it's because of the nature of the charges or whether she's in some type of protective custody," he said. "In some respects, it's a good thing that she's alone because she's frightened about being with other inmates."

Baum said another defendant, Cynthia Murphy, is also being held in isolation.

Baum said he showed his client some of the tabloid newspaper stories that feature photographs from her Facebook page, showing the smiling Russian enjoying Manhattan's nightlife scene, posing in front of the Statue of Liberty and mixing with businessmen at a conference.

"She was embarrassed by some of the photos that were obviously taken from her Facebook pages," the lawyer said. "The truth is she is probably no different than your typical single 28-year-old woman in New York City. She runs a successful business, goes out at night. She dates men, enjoys a social life."

He cited descriptions in the media of her as a "party girl."