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Female garda was left on her own for 5 hours at station

CALLS have been made for more gardai to be deployed on patrols in north Dublin.

Members of the public have complained about long waiting times in response to some requests for marked garda patrol cars in Blanchardstown.

In a separate development, it emerged that one female garda spent up to five hours on her own at Swords Garda Station public desk one day last week.

Senior sources denied she was forced to lock the station when she had to use the toilet.

The Herald was told that in this eventuality, she would have been assisted by a mobile garda patrol or a station clerk.


A source explained: "Despite what is being said, there is a major issue in terms of resources and manpower for gardai and this is something that Justice Minster Alan Shatter must address."

Meanwhile, in Blanchardtown, local representatives have called for more gardai to be deployed on the beat in the busy Dublin 15 district. They also want more marked patrol cars.

While gardai respond rapidly to serious crimes, people reporting matters of a less serious nature complain of long waits.

Local Fianna Fail councillor David McGuinness said: "Burglaries in the Blanchardstown area are going through the roof. People are complaining that anytime they contact the gardai they must endure a very long waiting time.

"Local people are paying taxes but they feel they're not getting the policing they deserve. This is on the head of garda management and Justice Minister Alan Shatter.

"There is huge concern among gardai themselves about what is happening to the force."

A Garda spokesman said: "Senior garda management is satisfied that a full and comprehensive policing service continues to be delivered in Blanchardstown and that current structures in place meet the requirement to deliver an effective and efficient policing service to the community. This situation is kept under review."