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Fed up with turkey? How about purple sprouts and a bit of carp?

PURPLE Brussels sprouts, venison steaks and lobster are now popular Christmas dinner alternatives for Irish consumers fed up with turkey and ham.

Shops across the country are noticing a marked increase in demand for substitutes of the traditional fare.

And Dublin fishmongers say that carp fish, a delicacy for the Polish population, is selling well.

Tesco has had a 30pc rise in sales of spiced beef -- a dish that was traditionally reserved for the south of the country.

"Our customers are also buying our purple sprouts, which are grown for us in Co Meath by JCR Lenehan," said Lorraine Sheils, of Tesco. "We expect to sell over two tonnes of purple sprouts - that's over a quarter of a million of them which will grace Christmas dinner tables in Ireland."

Meanwhile Aldi has stocked up on venison leg steaks, lobster tails and large salmon wellington for the discerning customer.

"Tender, moist and full of flavour, these cuts of meat sourced from Republic of Ireland farms and Bord Bia approved make for a classic Christmas dinner or for something altogether different and equally tasty," a store representative said.

But fishmongers said that the Polish population in Ireland were continuing to demand carp -- that is prepared and eaten on Christmas Eve.

Jonathan Wright, general manager at Wrights of Marino said: "Our carp this year sold out in 15 minutes."