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Fears Tiger gang put bug into clothing of kidnapped manager

DETECTIVES fear the Tiger kidnap gang which targeted a bank manager in a €300k raid placed a bug on his clothing.

The fears emerged after the raiders apparently heard some of the comments the manager made to staff at the AIB Clondalkin.

Today officers have busted the gang after a raid on a house in Kilcock, where they found €17k in crisp €50 notes in one of the gang member's pockets.

A further €70k was found in the attic.

The arrest of the Tiger criminal and three of his associates is a major success for the gardai.

The owner of the Kilcock house was also arrested in Blanchardstown.

The outfit who targeted bank official Tony Walsh are also believed to have carried out a €270,000 kidnapping in Irishtown last January, in which a 69-year-old woman and a nine- year-old girl were held captive.

The gang targets the private homes of bank officials or security company workers, holds a relative hostage, and then forces the worker to get cash from their bank for their release.

Mr Walsh (41), was forced to leave €300,000 for the gang on the seat of a car parked near a supermarket at Cherrywood, Clondalkin, after his wife, Anne, had been abducted from their home at Domville Drive in Templeogue and taken to the Dublin-Wicklow border last Thursday morning.


She was tied to the gateway of a quarry but released herself and contacted her husband almost three hours after the gang had made off.

The gang, armed with a sawn-off shotgun and a handgun, told Mr Walsh that they could hear what he was saying inside the bank after putting a listening device in his coat. It is unclear if the device worked.

They warned him not to alert the bank authorities or his wife would be harmed.

The gang are also responsible for two other incidents in Dublin in the past two years, gardai believe.

Detectives have recovered almost a third of last week's robbery haul after raids on houses in counties Dublin, Kildare and Meath over the weekend.

More than €60,000 was found in the attic of a rented house in Kilcock in north Kildare.

The five men arrested were held at Terenure, Crumlin and Rathmines garda stations. Three were later released without charge but two continue to be held, and can be questioned without charge for up to seven days.

One suspect was in the house when gardai carried out the raid, but ran out the back door and across the gardens of adjoining homes before he was caught and arrested.

Three other men were detained by armed detectives while they sat in a car outside -- gardai believe they were keeping a look-out while the cash was being moved.

The owner of the house in Kilcock was not there when gardai called, but was arrested shortly afterwards at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

Two of the men arrested over the weekend are also the main suspects in the Irishtown raid earlier this year.


In one of those raids, which took place in Irishtown last January, a nine-year-old girl and a 69-year-old woman were left traumatised after they were held captive for six hours when the gang pounced on the girl's uncle, who worked for Brinks Allied, at his Bath Avenue home.

The gang instructed him to take a stolen white van to O'Connell Street to intercept a Brinks Allied van as it made its cash run.

As his mother and niece were being transferred to another vehicle, the security guard was monitored by another member of the gang as he met with the Brinks allied workers. The security guard pleaded with his colleagues and was given a number of cash boxes containing €270,000.