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Fears that missing dad (38) has been murdered by ruthless criminal gang


Barry Corcoran

Barry Corcoran

Barry Corcoran

Gardai fear that a man missing for 11 days may have been murdered by a vicious criminal gang.

There has been no trace of father-of-one Barry Corcoran since he was last seen in Dublin on July 6.

Today his brother William spoke to the Herald and said Barry had left his passport and phone at home.

"I just feel it in my waters that something is wrong," William told the Herald.


Sources have revealed that gardai are investigating if Mr Corcoran (38) - who is not considered a major criminal - was abducted and murdered after falling foul of a dangerous mob.

"From the time that Mr Corcoran first went missing, there has been grave concern for his welfare and this has intensified in a major way since he failed to collect his dole this week," a source said.

Mr Corcoran's brother William shares a house with Barry in the Ocean View estate in Wicklow town.

"Barry doesn't have any bank accounts we can check either, there's no credit cards or anything. He dealt in cash and lived day-to-day on his dole," said William.

"He needs the dole to live and he didn't collect it on Monday. So that's when I thought something was definitely up. That's when the worry set in," he said.

Barry Corcoran, a father of a five-year-old girl, travelled to Dublin from Wicklow on July 6.

"He rang a local girl here in the town before he left for Dublin and said he would be back the next day, but he never came home," William said.

Barry was recently released from jail where he served a short sentence.

"It was for drunk and disorderly stuff, public order, nothing too serious," said William.

"He's only out since June. I don't think he's in trouble with anyone. Then again I'm not sure if he would tell me if he was.

"But certainly he never brought trouble to the door. Nobody ever came here looking for him or looking for money or making threats.

"I'm very concerned for him. Something is wrong. I don't know who he's been hanging around with, but the dole and his child are his life and now he's just gone too long.

"The gardai are getting on with their investigation. They are in touch with me around twice a day," William said.


"They say they are collecting CCTV and trying to search his phone history to see who he may have been calling or texting or who was calling him, but there's no definite leads yet," he added.

Barry is the youngest of four children.

"I'm living here with him, and we have a brother in Scotland and a sister in Rathnew," said William.

"As the baby of the family we were always protective of him. He isn't much into football, but prefers motorsports and quad bikes and the like," he added.

Mr Corcoran had a number of previous convictions but mostly for minor offences linked to his battle with drug addiction.