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Fears that Crumlin feud may erupt again

FEARS are growing that a new series of tit for tat shootings and bomb incidents is about to erupt between factions in the Crumlin area.

Early today a number of shots were fired into a house on Sperrin Rd in Drimnagh. That attack took place in the wake of the planting of a hoax pipe bomb in Crumlin at the weekend.

At the centre of the new dispute is the emergence of a group aligned to Fat Freddie Thompson, whose members have clashed with associates of the jailed gang leader Brian Rattigan.

A vicious assault on the man some weeks ago led to a spiral of revenge attacks. Early this morning a shot was fired through a groundfloor window on Sperrin Road. It happened around 12.30am and there were three people inside in a front room of the house at the time. No one was injured.

It follows another incident on Sperrin Road three weeks ago.

On January 14 at 12.40am the occupant of a house on Sperrin Rd threw a live pipe bomb into the garden of a neighbouring priest's home. The device had been taped to the front door of his dwelling. The house owner threw it over a wall into a nearby property, the home of an innocent priest. It did not explode and the Army bomb disposal team was called and made it safe.