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Fears missing Mariora was raped and shot by hitman Wilson's gang

MISSING Romanian girl Mariora Rostas may have been abducted by a gangland associate of serial killer Eric 'Lucky' Wilson, it has emerged.

Shocking new details have been unearthed about the abduction and murder of the 19-year-old Romanian woman who was last seen alive in Dublin city in January 2008.

Senior sources believe that Mariora Rostas was abducted by a very close associate of gangland serial killer Eric 'Lucky' Wilson who brought the terrified teenager to a house north of the border where 'Lucky' Wilson raped her continuously.


Gardai have received information that she made a call to her brother in Romania after being abducted and indicated to him that she had travelled in a car for over 100km.

During the brief panicked phone call, the tragic teenager also revealed that she "had been violated by men".

At that time, gardai believe that 'Lucky' Wilson was based in a house in the Newry area of Co Down -- the same property where he is suspected of murdering northside drug dealers David 'Babyface' Lindsay and Lindsay's pal Alan Napper six months later.

Sources believe the feared duo were murdered in the house in Co Down after being savagely tortured. After they were shot dead, it is understood that their bodies were cut up and dumped in the Irish Sea.

'Lucky' Wilson, who is linked to up to 10 gangland murders, is currently serving a life sentence in a tough Spanish jail for the murder of an English criminal in June of last year.

A source explained: "There is a strong theory that Eric Wilson's close associate brought that unfortunate girl to the house to be serviced by him -- what a truly desperate and terrifying ordeal for her."

After this happened, it is understood that the girl was driven back to Dublin to a house on Brabazon Street in the south inner city.

While there her terror ordeal continued and she is understood to have been shot dead in an upstairs room by the psychotic gangland criminal who had originally abducted her as she begged on East Lombard Street on January 6, 2008.

Gardai believe that two other major south Dublin criminals then helped the dangerous gangland criminal to dispose of Mariora's body in the Dublin Mountains, where it has never been recovered. The house on Brabazon Street was then gutted in a fire started by the criminals.

The chief suspect is on remand in prison where he is facing a number of serious gangland-related charges.