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Fears for isolated singer as he shuns support from close pals

Ronan Keating's close pals have revealed their concern for the dad of three as he continues to isolate himself.

The Boyzone singer has rejected the support of friends as he struggles to get his head around the events of the past week.

The Herald can reveal how Ronan has not responded to text messages, phonecalls or voicemails from those in his inner circle.

"It's a concern as Ronan would usually be very good for keeping in touch and always responds in some shape or form whether it's with an email or a text message," a source close to the star explained.

"He has a lot of close friends who are worried about him and Yvonne after the split.

"Many of them would have contacted him to say they're thinking of him or to say that if there's anything they can do to just call.

"He doesn't seem ready to open up to anyone yet. Even the other Boyzone guys haven't had as much contact with him as usual," they added.

Ronan left immediately for the K Club in Kildare following his return to Dublin on Monday morning. He was joined by his three children, Jack (11) Marie (9) and Ali (4), as he took to the course to play golf on Monday afternoon and again yesterday morning.

Yvonne has been surrounded by family and friends, including her mum Ann and fellow Boyzone wife Lisa Duffy.

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