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Feared thug using pipe-bomb threats to extort gang cash


Fat Deccie Smith

Fat Deccie Smith

Fat Deccie Smith

AN INLA splinter group have stepped up a campaign of extortion against drug dealers and businesses.

The mob are led by a feared thug, who is originally from Belfast and aged in his 30s, whose extortion activities have been boosted after he enlisted the help of a north inner city pipebomb maker who was recently released from Portlaoise Prison.

Also associated with the dangerous INLA killer's new cash drive is a veteran dissident Republican from south Dublin who was booted out of the new IRA organisation having served a lengthy jail sentence for a botched armed robbery.

Sources have revealed that the criminal who is leading the cash drive has built up close criminal links with organised Traveller gangs based in Co Louth and Co Meath.

"While this criminal has been heavily involved in the extortion of other criminals in these two counties for the past 18 months, he has now moved his operations into Dublin. Tensions are high as a result of him targeting dealers and businesses.


"This man is suspected of making multiple threats to kill and extortion threats over the past six months. Most of these are focused in the Louth area and many cross border based.

"He has issued a number of threats against established drug suppliers. These are not street dealers but much higher. Gardai have been told that only armed officers should approach him.

"Information has come in that this gang went after a drug dealer in north Dublin recently for a five figure sum and have also been targeting a number of car dealers on the southside of Dublin," a source explained.

Last March, the Herald revealed that the leader of the breakaway extortion mob caused a major security alert in all 13 stations in the Louth garda division after officers received "highly sensitive intelligence" that he planned to break into a station to steal garda uniforms.

The dangerous dissident was previously very friendly with Declan 'Fat Deccy' Smith who shot dead outside a north Dublin crèche last year.