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Feared Dublin gang linked to Cork feud 'hit'

A NOTORIOUS Dublin gang is suspected to be linked to a contract 'hit' in a Cork feud.

Detectives are investigating information that a Dublin gang has been asked to arrange the contract killing of a figure aligned to one of the feuding factions in a neighbourhood on Cork's southside.

A senior garda source said the matter is being taken "very seriously" with the contract believed to have been placed on the man's life in retaliation for an earlier attack.

Dublin gangs are believed to be responsible for at least three of the six gangland killings that have taken place in Cork since 1995.

Two of the killings have been linked to dissident Republicans and all six murders remain unsolved.


One of the feuding Cork factions in the Togher-Ballyphehane area of the city has had links with a feared Crumlin-Drimnagh based gang.

However, gardai said it is unclear whether this particular gang has now been asked to get actively involved in the Cork feud.

The escalation came despite pleas for calm from both gardai and leading politicians.

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Mary Shields (FF), appealed to people involved in the feud to step back from the brink.

"These are appalling incidents and I condemn them out of hand. The gardai need the community's support in dealing with this … under no circumstances should ordinary people be put in danger. It is very troubling," she said.

Gardai have already significantly increased security in the area after a pipe bomb attack last week forced the evacuation of a Garda station.

The attack was directly linked to the long-running feud which has dramatically escalated over recent weeks.

The pipe bomb attack - which inadvertently targeted the wrong house after the attackers got mixed up between estate houses when approached from the rear - occurred three days after another local house was fire-bombed.

Togher Garda Station had to be evacuated after the innocent householder, who spotted the pipe bomb, wheeled it in a pram to the station without realising exactly what the object was.

The pipe bomb had to be rendered safe by a Defence Forces' Explosives and Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team.

A forensic examination of the pipe bomb components remains ongoing in a bid to identify where it was manufactured and by whom.


The fire bomb attack three days earlier similarly resulted in no injuries, but the innocent female occupant of the house was left deeply traumatised by the incident.

Luckily, the petrol bomb thrown at the front door failed to ignite anything beyond the door surround and was quickly extinguished.

The fire bomb attack was spotted by the woman, the only occupant of the property, as
she watched TV in the sitting room.

Over recent years the feud has resulted in several fire bomb attacks, two stabbings, a vicious beating and a campaign of public intimidation and harassment.

Attacks have occurred not just in the Togher and Ballyphehane areas but also in Cork city centre.