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Favourite celeb restaurant re-opens

A restaurant favoured by A-list celebs is back on the menu in Dublin.

Kildare Street eatery Town Bar & Grill has been re-branded as Saison after being sold on by Gillian Ronan last month.

Buyer Alison Barker, who also owns La Bodega in Ranelagh, has spent the past three weeks transforming the venue.

It officially re-opened on Tuesday and looks keen to make its mark on the scene, with One Pico's Graeme Dodrill appointed as head chef.

Restaurateur Barker said that while there is "pressure" to take over such a well-known restaurant, her team are excited about the venture.

"We have had a good start with great feedback from both regulars of the old Town Bar and some tourists," she told the Herald.

"It was a great relief to finally get the doors open this week and see it all come together. We even got a bit of sunshine this week – what more could a girl ask for?"


She said the theme of the restaurant will be seasonal, with the menu adhering to that concept.

The venue has welcomed a host of well-known faces over the year including Bono, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Beyonce.

Prior to Gillian Ronan, it was run by Ronan Ryan, who now runs Pizza e Porcetta near Grand Canal Dock.

The other half of Pamela Flood, he was manager at The Mermaid until 2004 when he moved on to set up Town Bar & Grill with chef Temple Garner.

Jamie Oliver once said Town Bar was his favourite restaurant, and Gerry Ryan ate his last meal there.

The writing was on the wall for Town Bar and Grill recently. though. Last month saw it slapped with a Closure Order by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

One of 10 restaurants to be served with the order, it closed down for a day as staff got everything in order before re-opening. Three weeks later, the contracts for the sale of the D2 eatery were signed.