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Father's tribute to tragic baby son who drowned in the bath

HE was only in the world for 11 short months before tragedy struck.

But the life of baby Anthony Williams Daly was celebrated at a Mass of the Angels.

Anthony's father Frederick carried his tiny white coffin into the Church of the Resurrection in Farranree, Cork, followed by his grieving mother Maryann, who was comforted and supported by relatives.

Still numb and shocked by the events of last Monday night, the church was filled with neighbours and friends who wanted to lend their support to the family who have been devastated by the tragedy.

Baby Anthony was pronounced dead at the Mercy University Hospital in Cork following an accident in the family home in Onslow Gardens, Blackpool, when he slipped under the water in the bath while his mother had briefly left the room to fetch a towel.

Paramedics tried frantically to resuscitate the infant but, despite their efforts, the little boy passed away.

Yesterday, his dad told mourners that although Anthony's life had been all too short, he had brought joy and happiness into their lives.

"We watched you grow bigger and bigger each day, smiling and laughing, we thought it was forever.

"Then one day not long ago, it was destined for Anto that he was to go," his dad said.

He spoke of how their hearts had been taken when Anthony took his last breath on that October night as they had washed him before bed.

He said the one thing their little son would have known was how loved he was and that he'd never be forgotten by Daddy and Mammy who would keep him in their hearts forever.

The church was filled with symbols of the infant's life including his bottle, a rattler and a six-pack of the Tayto Snax he had enjoyed.