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Father reunited with abducted daughter

AN Irishman has been reunited with his daughter nearly four years after she was abducted by her mother.

Leslie Shaw, a college professor, briefly met his nine-year-old daughter Fiona in Budapest before she was taken to a clinic for tests.

Dr Shaw, who lectures at the International School of Management in Paris, flew to Hungary after detectives removed the child from her home and arrested her mother Krisztina Orosz.

The operation was mounted five weeks after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Hungary had been negligent in failing to detain the woman.

A European arrest warrant had been issued for Ms Orosz for hiding Fiona from Dr Shaw.

Reports today stated that Ms Orosz resisted arrest when police found her at a house in Boconad in the country's Heves region.

She had been in hiding since July 2009, when a Hungarian court ordered her release one day after she had been detained.

The European Court had criticised Hungary in a July 26 ruling, stating that authorities had failed in their obligation to return Fiona to her father.

The court ordered the state to pay €32,000 to Dr Shaw as compensation.

Authorities in France last year issued a European arrest warrant for Ms Orosz as she illegally changed the place where Fiona lived.

The youngster was born in France, where her father still lives.

Dr Shaw, who graduated with a PhD from Dublin's Trinity College in 1985 and previously worked for the ESB, has led an extensive campaign to highlight the case.

He set up a Bring Fiona Home Facebook page and wrote on the site last month: "Fiona's Hungarian family are atheists who have put a stop to her religious education.

"She was supposed to make her first Holy Communion in 2008 and should make her Confirmation in 2012."

He has been trying to regain custody of Fiona since December 2007, when Ms Orosz took her to her home village of Boconad and failed to return to their home in France.

She defied a French order to give him custody of their child.

In July, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Hungary had violated the academic's right to family life by failing to return Fiona to him.

Ms Orosz's home was then raided on Wednesday by armed detectives and she was arrested.

Fiona was placed in the temporary care of a French embassy representative in Budapest and taken to a clinic for tests.