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Father flees as boy faces court

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy charged over a series of burglaries has been left behind in Ireland by his father, a court heard.

The Romanian is living with his girlfriend in Dublin's north side after his father quit the country without him.

He was given bail at Dublin Children's Court on condition he go to live with his sister and obey a curfew while social services compile a report.

The teen is charged over a burglary at Northumberland Road, on September 16 last. He is among a number of people charged with a series of burglaries across the city.

Terrorists warn of new attacks

Al-Qa'ida militants have threatened more terror attacks that will "increase day by day" after a suicide bomber killed 72 people in famine-hit Somalia.

A truck loaded with drums of fuel exploded on Tuesday at the gate of a building housing several government ministries in a busy street in Mogadishu, where tens of thousands of famine victims have gathered.

The attack came more than a month after most al Shabab fighters melted away from the capital amid a pro-government offensive, and showed that the insurgents remain a severe threat.

Giant wildfire destroys crops

a wildfire that swept through 26,000 acres of farmland in Nebraska has caused millions of dollars in crop losses.

Fire chiefs worry that hot weather and strong winds could keep the fire alive.

It continued to burn through more than 40 square miles near Stapleton. Farmer Art Kramer said the fire had burned up to three quarters of his family's corn crop.

Tourist-killing suspect exams

A court has released the results of psychiatric exams for the main suspects in the killings of two French tourists in Argentina.

The court said Gustavo Lasi and Daniel Vilte were without shame or remorse. The third suspect, Santos Clemente Vera, was found to be morally untrustworthy.

All three face murder charges in the deaths of Cassandre Bouvier and Moumni Houria, who were raped and shot dead while hiking in Salta province.